48 hours in the contrasting lives of two gay men who have the world of writing in common, and not much else – one is a sexually shy academic, the other is a sexually voracious short story writer.

Format: HD
Year of Premier: 2011
Running Time: 25 mins

Director/Writer: James Martin Charlton
Producers: James Martin Charlton and Michael Hootman
Cinematographer: Alnoor Dewshi
Editor/ Composer: Jon Klein
Assistant Director: Kamal Patel
Sound Recordist: Chris Reading
Cast: James Martin Charlton (Martin Fox), David Chrysanthou (Charlie),
Caroline Burns Cooke (Rosemary), Nicola Duffett (Sally) Tom Hayes (Dave), Matt Ingram (Waiter) Rosalie Jorda (Ethel), Chris Kenna (Toby) David Shuker (Kieran)

Production Company:
Friendly Fire Productions


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