The Play

Coward is a speculative drama featuring the playwright and performer Noël Coward as a lead character.

Set in London in the early 1930s, on the eve of the second world war, Coward concerns the star's relationship with a young struggling actor, Leonard Marlowe (a fictional figure) who arrives at Coward's swank London apartment for an audition, only to find that the part Noël has in mind for him is as amorous as it is theatrical. Will the lure of a helping hand up the showbiz ladder be enough to persuade Leonard to change his mind about himself? And can Leonard ever really fit into the glittering, name-dropping, aristocratic world The Master inhabits?

All the while, events are observed and stage-managed by Noël's personal assistant, Cole Lesley, the epitome of the good and faithful servant. 

A trailer for Just Some Theatre Company's audio version of Coward can he heard here

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