Theatre productions directed by Jmc

Histrionics by James Butler (Tabard Theatre and Underbelly, Edinburgh, 2008)

Plastic Zion by Chris Ward (White Bear, 2006)

Leonardo's Ring by Eric Elice (White Bear, 2003)

Virginia Plain by Nick Garrett (White Bear, 2003)

A Twist of Oliver (Maidstone Prison, 2002)

Bumps by Sheila Dewey (King's Head Theatre, 2001)

Tommy by The Who (Maidstone Prison, 2001)

Nihil by Gian Maria Cervo (Warehouse, Croydon, 2001)

Saved by Sex by Caroline Burns Cooke (Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, 2000)

Queer Dorset Bastard by Barney Ashton (Etcetera Theatre, 2000)

Divine Vision (Swedenbourg Hall, 2000)

Gob by Jim Kenworth (King's Head Theatre, 1999)

Lovers & Killers by Caroline Burns Cooke & Chris Savage King (Etcetera Theatre, 1998)

Johnny Song by Jim Kenworth (Warehouse, Croydon, 1998)

My Mother Was an Alien, Is That Why I'm Gay? by Nigel Fair (Malborough Theatre, Brighton, 1998)

Groping in the Dark (Warehouse, Croydon/Mermaid Theatre, 1996)

The World & his Wife (White Bear, 1995)

Amphibious Babies by Chris Ward (White Bear, 1994)

More About the Language of Love (New Copenhagen, 1991)

The World & his Wife (Camden Institute/Duke of Wellington, 1989)

Straight to the Top (Etcetera Theatre, 1988)

What Are Neighbours For? (Fallen Angel, 1985)