ecstasy + GRACE



The Play


Once upon a time, Davy had visions of a better world. Now he competes.


Manager of Black Jacks, a sex shop in Amsterdam, living with his German skinhead lover, Kai, Davy reckons he is doing just fine. But Davy is a man with a past, and today that past arrives to catch up with him.


For Davy wasn't always living an amoral life of sex, drugs and exploitation.  Back in the day, he was a religious sectarian - full of dreams of universal salvation, Scriptural visions and opening men's minds to Christ. As his former fellow Salvationist Rae reminds him, on the day she comes to bring it all back home:


RAE: You imagined the character of Jesus. He’s a creator. He creates! Stories which say we can give to each other. Words which wake us and make us walk. Visions which help us see through our blindness. Jesus is God and He’s Man and We’re Him. GOD IS THE DIVINE HUMANITY! THE CREATOR IN EACH! Each of us has our own talents. He encourages their use. Forgives us each failure but He don’t let us sleep. He says “Live! Give! Create! Every day.” Always saying “Go on, don’t look back.” Offering mercy and love. You made the old bones live again.


But Davy's no longer listening to the language he used to speak. He's got present problems - debts to be collected and goods to be delivered. A customer, Lowe, arrives to sample Davy's wares, and Davy has just the right merchandise for him - "a couple of trips, a quarter of skunk… vids…" and the 13 year old boy they've nick-named Pullet - "‘cos he’s the youngest looking chicken we know."


Pullet is your average Western child - head buried in computer games, dreaming of the latest pair of trainers, hoping to do something exciting with his life. But to get what he wants he has to work. Davy pimps him out to men.


DAVY: A moment’s irritation equals a nice new pair of Nike’s. Economics.


But this time, Davy might have sold the kid to the wrong consumer. Lowe is a predator with vicious tastes. And Davy must be prepared to face up to quite how far he's fallen from his vision of creating a paradise on earth for all.


GRIMES: I kind of felt sorry for the kid afterwards. Him all thinking he was going to be earning four hundred guilders and he ends up fucking dying.


ecstasy + GRACE offers a vision of a contemporary Western protestant society which has grown out of its Christian roots, thrown off its talk of "inner light" and "Christ's kingdom on earth" and put in its place a culture of human sacrifice, where human flesh is a saleable commodity and a child's life is bargain cheap.


Casting requirements

1 f, 5 m.