fat souls

Testimonials on Fat Souls from Industry figures who'd seen or been involved with the first production.

Fat Souls was one of the most innovative and original plays I can remember seeing in a long history of going to see new plays.

I am very pleased that the play is being revived and more people will have the chance to be entertained and intrigued by it, as I was.”
Michael Codron, 3 June 2003

“The Croydon Warehouse premiere of Fat Souls in 1993 brought a distinctive new voice to the theatre, immediately recognisable as much for the charge that animated the cast as for the novelty of the playwright's approach.

James Martin Charlton made dazzling use of street argot, then as now a popular genre, but transformed it from brute naturalism by risking two distinctly unconventional means of emphasis. His dialogue frequently veered into a loose-metered rhymed verse, and the characters would put on half-masks when needing to conceal their true feelings, from others and from themselves. The effect was astonishing and invigorating.

A relatively simple story became richer and more profound, so that an individual's courage against injustice could be seen to have far wider application. It was a dramatic debut to celebrate.”
Jeremy Kingston, 7 June 2003

Fat Souls was voted the best play from the 1992 International Playwriting Festival. Out of an entry that year of 350 plays from around the world, ten were short-listed. I had ploughed through most of them with a sinking heart - they were good but dull. This play and its author was what we were looking for!

The rehearsed reading during the Festival weekend received an enthusiastic public response and we immediately planned a full production. This was a huge critical and commercial success, and it deserved a transfer.

I am enormously proud of discovering this terrific play. It will be a huge success again.”
Ted Craig, Artistic Director,
Warehouse Theatre, 12 June 2003