More About the Language of Love

The Play

Set in Los Angeles - city of the lost angels - in the 1980s - the era of Reaganomics and AIDS, More About the Language of Love tells the story of the making of a hardcore pornographic film.

Millionaire porn producer Rex Mundy visits the empty apartment which he plans to use as the set of his new sex epic. He bribes the janitor of the apartment block, one Mister Keystone, to ensure that he has uninterrupted access to the location and parasitic use of the electricity supply. Mundy brings along with him his new hired hand, film school graduate director Saul Corroda. Saul is full of naïve ideas about the nature of the business he is getting involved with...

At film school I made a short. Very short. Five minutes. Two kittens playing together with a ball of string. And people who saw it said “I get the feeling – the joy and the frisky playfulness – of those two kittens rolling there together with that ball of string. They look cute and cuddly and just nice”. I imagine two people making it, you’ve got to capture the same... spontaneity.

Mundy is not much interested this kind of fluff, and leaves his veteran cameraman Slick Vest to simply advise Saul " Film fuckin’ cheaply, you’ll go far." Mundy is interested in amassing more money for as little outlay as possible, and anything which allows him to do this is okay by him; he is even grateful for the AIDS crisis for the profitable opportunities it has offered...

People can’t do it no more. They daren’t. Scared of dyin’. They still want sex. So they watch it. That’s safe for them. THANK GOD FOR AIDS!

Saul is introduced to a flamboyant selection of performers who will act as his cast on this film: Cleopatra Lamas, a veteran black star of countless pornographic movies; Juniper Fruit, an enthusiastic newcomer and porn "virgin"; Tab Barton, a former B-movie actor fallen on alcoholic hard times & so reduced to making blue movies; and Lance Longstick, a gay porn icon with an enormous schlong, making a career-orientated move into the straight market. The cast and crew set to work, grinding away for a living, and Saul throws himself enthusiastically into the first day's shoot.

Soon things turn complicated. Cleopatra threatens to walk off of the set, frightened of catching AIDS from Lance; Tab is thrown off-set, his drinking having reached a stage where his is no longer able to get it up; and onto the set comes Laura Lovejuice, legendary star of Mouth Girl, the biggest porno ever. Mundy is delighted to have got Laura's services at an knock-down rate, and she impresses the cast and crew with her ability to swallow even the almighty shlong of Lance Longstick!

But Laura doesn't come to the set alone. She is accompanied by her husband and manager Chuck Powiss, a violent bully whose willingness to sell his wife at every opportunity, no matter how degrading the job, is backed by his brutal enforcement of obedience whenever he suspects that Laura is challenging his right to rule every aspect
of her life…

Of all the ungrateful bitches in the world you take the prize. The ungrateful little bitch prize you have won. You know that? You’ve won. You have. You know what the prize is? A kick.

Gradually it becomes clear to even as naïve and blind a soul as Saul that Mundy's money-making paradise of earthly delights is everyone else's hell on earth.
Casting Requirements
3 f, 7 m

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