Other Theatre Productions directed by JMC

Leonardo's Ring (White Bear Theatre, 2003)

Camp, rude, very nude American gay play with a La Ronde-type structure, following the adventures of a ring which once belonged to Leonardo Da Vinci. The Da Vinci Code with buns! A sell-out for its entire run. By the co-author of Double Double.

author: Rick Elice

producer: White Bear Theatre

designer: Siobhan Pearson

lx designer: Robin Snowdon

performances: 18

cast: Robert Ashe, Stephen Chance, Ben Glanfield, Robert Sutton.


Virginia Plain (White Bear Theatre, 2003)

Foul-mouthed, intense and very funny play about a failed rock star wannabe, drugs and male rape. With songs!

author: Nick Garrett

producer: Firebird

designer: James Martin Charlton & Nick Garrett

performances: 24

cast: Sally Faulkner, Brett Goldstein, Patrick Killian, Peter Leafe, Kit Smith.


Nihil (Warehouse Theatre, 2001)

A story of red light cinemas and a killer slaughtering young men.

author: Gian Maria Cervo

cast: Nicola Duffett, Richard Hawley, Chris New.


Saved by Sex (Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, 2000)

A tale of love, cross-dressing, gangsters and God.

author: Caroline Burns Cooke

producer: Fireworks

cast: Caroline Burns Cooke, Melvyn Hayes, Tom Hayes, Paul Jenkins.


Queer Dorset Bastard (Etcetera Theatre, 2000)

Three years after their relationship is destroyed by a violent mob, two men pick over old wounds. A poetic, nostalgic and at times obscene glimpse at a world of homophobia from without and within.

author: Barney Ashton

producer: Rupert Drinks Vodka

designer: Zoe Gingell

cast: Euan Macnaughton, Oliver Meek, Hannah Young.


Lovers and Killers (Etcetera Theatre, 1998)

'Suffer Little Children' and 'According to Mark' - Two short plays about killers - and 'What? So What?' - lovers in opposing monologues.

authors: Caroline Burns Cooke & Chris Savage King

producer: Cooke and Savage King

lighting: Lisa Audouin

cast: Caroline Cooke, Tom Hayes, Chris Savage King.


Johnny Song, one half of double bill Capital Nights (Warehouse Theatre, Croydon, 1998)

The story of a street poet and his faithful friend Drummer Boy. Together they hit the streets of London to see if anyone other than the sparrows will listen to them. Everyone they encounter hears Drummer Boy's beats and the words of Johnny Song - but are the people of the capital ready for them?

author: Jim Kenworth

designer: Peter Lindley

cast: Mat Fraser, Charlie Folorunsho, Victoria McFarlane


My Mother Is An Alien, Is That Why I'm Gay? (Malborough Theatre, Brighton, 1998)

A sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic story of an incapable mother, her emotionally closed son and his anoraked boyfriend.

author: Nigel Fairs

producer: 368 Theatre Co.

Cast: Caroline Burns Cooke, John Ainsworth, Nigel Fairs, Max Day, Jayne Massey.