the park bench of duplicity and seduction;

oh, and love.

Naïf sits on a park bench reading his paper. One by one, a selection of figures - an older man, two wide boys, a femme fatale, a sneak thief - strip him of everything.

A priest and a queen pass by on the other side, but an ordinary woman gives him her coat.


The Mysterious Man observes the proceedings...

Format: Super8mm

Year of Production: 2005

Running Time: 3 mins

Director: James Martin Charlton

Producer: James Martin Charlton

Edited: On Camera.

Screenwriter: James Martin Charlton

Director of Photography: Andy Kelleher

Music: Ennis T, Mouse Studios.

Cast: Ian Bonar, James Martin Charlton, Andy Chisolm, Matt Compton, Michael Culkin, Caroline Burns Cooke, Renee Foulger, Melissa Knatchbull, Jack Lewis, John Paul Micaleff, Harry Smith.



Production Company:

Friendly Fire Productions.

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