short films

Academic (2011), written and directed by JMC.


48 hours in the contrasting lives of two gay men who have the world of writing in common, and not much else – one is a sexually shy academic, the other is a sexually voracious short story writer.




















Apeth (2006), written and directed by JMC.


An affluent gay man arranges a threesome with a young chav from the local council estate and an ape from London Zoo.
















Best Shot (2006), co-written by JMC


Veteran director Rex Clayton gets his revenge on the British Film Industry...
















The Park Bench of Duplicity and Seduction; Oh, and Love (2005), written & directed by JMC.


One day in a park, a man is stripped of everything...


Academic_walking Apeth_apekiss Best Shot rex cameraman attack Naif and Femme Fatale