Take Me In



Take Me In is an intense, bizarre and ironic drama about ambition, choice, manipulation and the complexities of love, set in contemporary London.


Take Me In tells the story of two innocent teenagers, Andy and Kelly, who escape their haunted, abusive pasts in the provinces to find a new life in the capitol. At first, all that seems open to them are dead-end jobs on low wages, but a chance meeting with a pair of wealthy siblings sees them installed as housekeepers in the pair's luxurious St. John's Wood mansion house. Andy and Kelly believe that they have it made.


But there is a cuckoo in the nest. One of the rooms in the mansion is inhabited by Howard, a moody harpsichordist with no love for the siblings. Andy finds himself strangely drawn to the enigmatic Howard, leaving Kelly feeling increasingly out in the cold.


The arrival of the siblings' charismatic younger brother Piers brings the situation to a head. Andy and Kelly become convinced that Howard's presence in the house is sinister and toxic. Andy's fascination turns to revulsion and Kelly's jealousy morphs into distress and fury. When Piers provides a final solution to the problem of Howard, the kids are only too willing to play their part…


A bold gambit of a story resolution follows, as shocking and inappropriate as it is violent and extreme. Have Andy and Kelly finally made the right choice in agreeing to ruthlessly dispose of the enemy of their employers? Or have they merely been used in a power struggle which has gone way above their heads?