The World & his Wife.


The World & his Wife was first performed by Jmc's first theatre company, Fireworks, in 1989 at the Camden Institute and the Duke of Wellington pub theatre in Islington.

The cast was as follows
Jo Bradley (Christine Mann), James Martin Charlton (Mike Mann), Debbie Griffin (Melissa), Tom Hayes (The Reverend Dick Woodger), Chris Mason (Jim the Bin) and Phil Smith (Inspector Ness).
Direction by James Martin Charlton; Designed by Gianna Casetta.

After the success of JMC's play Fat Souls at the Warehouse Theatre in 1993, JMC was approached by some actors enquiring whether he had a play they might produce. He mentioned The World & his Wife, and after reading it, the actors decided that this was just the play they were looking for as a fringe showcase to display their talents, and so they invited JMV to direct a revival JMC looked at the play again, cutting a fair amount of extraneous material including a long digression in which Mike Mann describes a Vietnam war movie he enjoys watching on home video, concerning the exploits of a mad-dog soldier called Slick Verlaine as he rescues American POWs "Trapped in 'Nam." Whilst the speech offers the chance for the actor playing Mike to indulge in a lengthy piece of what is essentially stand-up comedy, it holds up the narrative of the play and bears only a tangential relationship to the central story.

The revised play was revived by Fireworks at The White Bear Theatre, Kennington in 1995.

The cast for the revival was
Hilary Crowson (Christine Mann), Tom Hayes (Mike Mann), Tim Kane (The Reverent Dick Woodger), Helen Logan (Melissa) and Euan Macnaughton (Inspector Ness/Jim the Bin).
It was again directed by James Martin Charlton but this time designed by Zoe Gingell with lighting by Jo Walker.

In the latter production, the role of Inspector Ness was doubled with that of Mike's obnoxious drinking partner Jim the Bin, who turns out to be The Scissors Freak. This doubling of roles should always be made, to emphasise the play's linking of the psychology of criminals with those who society employs to catch them; two sides of the same unit of exchange.

The 1995 revival was dedicated to Jo Bradley, who created the role of Christine in the original production, and was killed in a road accident in 1992.

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