In the early "naughties" JMC was intrigued by a curious phenomenon on the UK gay scene. Many of the affluent men who spent their nights clubbing and cruising had developed a fetish for what can only be termed "scally drag." They would buy cheap casual sportswear and go to clubs such as Rude Boyz in Vauxhall in the hope of fulfilling their fantasies of getting off with a sexy chav.

It has long been a commonplace observation that the gay scene and homosexual liaisons cross the class boundaries. whatever speculates around that idea, and asks what would happen of a man who desires a real chav really were to meet one, and be forced to meet the family too?

whatever portrays a liberal elite cocksure in their position, their power, their wealth and their assumptions, alongside extreme right wing voices brewing with resistence and loathing. Is anyone genuinely after democracy? Or is it all really a means of asserting their own power and enacting their own games of desire? In the midst of the power games, what becomes of the voices of those for whom the poetic expression is paramount?

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