The Play


whatever tells the story of two sets of people - one lot, media friends who drink in Soho and live in Hampstead; the other, working class lads who live and work in the London suburb of Romford.


These two strata come together when Deelen - an affluent gay men working as Advertising Manager on a liberal broadsheet - meets Dean - a young computer geek - in the "trackies'n'trainers" chatroom of a popular gay dating site. Deelen visits Dean in Romford, and becomes enmeshed in Dean's family life, his brother Tone and his strange friend Swain, who gets folk to "lose their eyes" and see visions. Everything looks like going pair-shaped when the illicit affair becomes known to Tone, with whom Dean hides his sexuality and who, far from being a liberal, is a fully paid-up, card-carrying member of the BNP.


An observer on all this is the jaundiced eye of Cressida Hawking, tv "culture" pundit and socially-conscious investigative journalist. Perhaps she'll help Swain find an outlet for his talents? Or he'll help satisfy unfulfilled needs she harbours herself...


This truth about her's a secret. I fathom her witch-plan. I ken her game.

The only original permanent floatin' global make-over queen. Turns you into whatever it is she wants you to be…


Casting Requirements


1f, 4m.


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